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NCAA Football Pool

The College Football Pick-Em's Challenge Rules: -Bets on Wins and Losses, not spreads -We include a variety of games of varying importance and rankings (they will usually be the best games or the closest spread lines and we will always have a D-II competition) -Tie Breakers are decided by picking what team will score the most points from the list of games we are betting on. Second Tie-Breakers are the combined point total from one game mentioned below. -The Buy-in is 5 bucks a week and the winner of each week will win the money. I will create a website where you can see the results and e-mail it to you. The Games for the First week Game (16)Oregon vs.(14)Boise State (20)BYU vs.(3)Oklahoma (5)Alabama vs. (7) Virginia Tech (13)Georgia vs. (9) Oklahoma State Maryland vs (12) California South Carolina vs. NC State Cincinnati vs. Rutgers Appalachian State vs. East Carolina Baylor vs. Wake Forest Missouri vs. Illinois Stanford vs. Washington State Western Michigan vs. Michigan Central Michigan vs Arizona Miami vs. (18) Florida State Presbyterian vs Furman (a classic I-AA matchup from the Big South Conference) Tie Breaker (What Team Scores the Most Points of the Fore-Mentioned) Second Tie Breaker Point Total for Miami/FSU game